IPEFX technologies

They will get inside, the question is what will they get ?

Our evolution into all things technology has created an explosion of information, and whilst availability anytime from anywhere is desirable... unauthorized access or use is not. The technology infrastructure upon which portable devices, servers, PC's and cloud systems connect, obscure the exchange of data and weaken the integrity of the total system along with the information it serves.

iPEFX is a "defense in depth" IT systems company, our solutions use innovative technology and data science techniques to thwart unintended access to digital information or identity data. Our mission is to substantially raise the barrier to unauthorized information access, building defensive layers of confidence into cloud systems and networked devices globally. Our goal is to make your applications and systems respond to your needs, with information remaining inaccessible to those outside authorized channels.

iPEFX innovative data science capabilities enable us to identify possible breach points in a data system, looking beyond firewall's and security software to provide a holistic view of the IT landscape.

3i is a defensive approach to Information, Identity and Instance data. 3i is proprietary technology that works with qualified third party solutions to provide a multi layer defensive solutions. Find out more about 3i by going here.

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