IPEFX technologies

About iPEFX

iPEFX is an Information Technology company with research and development mission seeking innovative developments through data science. iPEFX aims to provide unique disruptive solutions that enhance existing technologies, with relevance to communications and security within and on divergent networked devices. Early engagement with suspects and prospects from various industries proved the need for non traditional solutions.

After nearly 10 years of research and invention mostly conducted in stealth mode, iPEFX was established in 2012 further the development of a secure content delivery platform. iPEFX founders are well rounded in technology research coupled with broad experience in start up company development. Our company benefits from a very experienced senior management team, that have amassed an impressive record of success spanning several decades within global corporations.

iPEFX licenses our technology through industry partnerships from our research and development operations based in Nevada, USA. iPEFX principals and executive team are supported by international technology and finance partners from Europe and Canada, and it is expected that later in 2014 we will be opening offices in the UK to support EU market opportunities.

Announcing A New Joint Venture

iPEFX is in the preparatory stages of a new Cyber Security initiative, one whose mission will be to provide a range of technology advancing the security of many IT systems. We will be joined by partners from industry and academia, current plans include the opening of new facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, this summer.

Although no formal name has been established, we refer to this initiative as Quadrant Cytechnology. Advance engineering work is already underway on several data defensive products, interactive online demonstrations and test applications.

Launch of the new venture will coincide with media related activities, for an invitation to participate in opening events please email us at inquiry@ipefx.com.

We are constantly asking questions to confirm our understanding of what is, and more importantly of what are the implications.