IPEFX technologies

3i. Evolving Information Defense

Traditional defensive methods for the security of digital information contain some form of encryption, some reference in the form of a data string (key/key pair's) and possibly some form of access authentication (PIN or password). These techniques perform their narrow function without providing any confidence in the devices used, the security of the data when stored, or the route taken by information over the underlying network infrastructure.

Any device is at risk of being compromised or removed altogether from owner control, and any network will have multiple nodes that are completely hidden from the user. With more portable computing devices connecting to global and company systems, stronger validity testing and time of use defense is necessary.

3i is an information defense solution that focuses on the three elements of two party system, identity of the device, instance of use and information being delivered. Applying unique technology to these three elements and the inclusion of cryptographic and policing strategies is the mission of 3i.

3i introduces environmental tethering for applications requiring strong authentication at systems levels.

3i applies information defense and authorization procedures at the point of use.

3i machine identifiers and non linear cyber techniques improve instance and route validation across any infrastructure.

3i strong disruptive encryption for data At-Rest and In-Flight without key sharing issues produces unusable data in unauthorized incidents.

3i is applicable to cloud, communications and plant infrastructure systems.

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