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It is widely predicted that the digital universe will grow to 35 zettabytes per year by 2020, whereas the estimated size is below 6 zettabytes in 2013. Cisco estimates that 1.73 billion people will be using global social media by 2017, and that 2 billion people will consume online video in the same period.

With this growing wealth of information it is certain that private and confidential information will be found, and efforts applied by unauthorized parties will continue to increase. In a wave of cyberattacks beginning in 2009, sophisticated hackers based in China breached the corporate networks of Google, Yahoo, Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems and dozens of other prominent companies (Source McAfee). Add to these breaches those experienced in small business systems, institutional networks and personal information, and the scope of the problem becomes immeasurable.

The Password is Dead. A look at the use of passwords, their strengths and weaknesses and their use as the gateway to your financial and other personal information.
Prepare for anywhere, anytime, any-device engagement with a stateless mobile architecture. A Forrester Research paper.
2012 Confidential documents at risk study by the Ponemon Institute. Sponsored by WatchDox.
Five trends that affect the planning of security of IT infrastructure. A paper by Quinnstreet.
Symmetric vs Asymmentic encryption, a high level paper on the best and worst of both.

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