Beauty Face Sculpting Sleep Mask


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Say goodbye to double chins and nasolabial folds, and have a small V face. Lift and firm the face, thin the face, shape and prevent sagging. Soft and skin-friendly, strong lifting force, not tight, good air permeability!

Β chin slimmping strap is specially designed to tighten the skin, lift up the skin and reshape a slim and youthful face. It is suitable for all types of skin.

Comfortable and breathable: V line bandage choose breathable fabrics. It is elastic and sturdy, fitting to different features of faces.

bandage is an effective and useful method to relieve the double chin and saggy skin along the facial contour. It can be used for men and women.

Main Features
πŸ’Ž REUSABLE Advanced double chin reducer
πŸ’Ž Reducing sagging skin
πŸ’Ž Unexcelled firming face contour
πŸ’Ž Perfect V zone
πŸ’Ž Ideal V chin lift tightening
πŸ’Ž Gorgeous V up line
πŸ’Ž Noticeable reduction in facial wrinkles
πŸ’Ž Reduction or complete disappearance of the double chin

Name: Beauty face sculpting sleep mask

Part: Face

Material: Baby breathable fabric

Applicable people: Nasolabial folds/double chinfacial sagging/wrinkles at the corners of the mouth

Use time: Day/night


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Beauty Face Sculpting Sleep Mask

Availability: In stock