Crystal Lantern Table Lamp


This metal crystal table lamp isan ambient lightingthatcreates the atmosphere of the place, which is composed ofa crystal lamp shade and a metal cage, realized with the best texture.

Exquisite Dimmable Lamp

Inspired by the gentle form of the lantern and natural light, it change the light color from therich warm orange colorto thewarm light bulb colorinfour stages, expressing exquisite light color and brightness.

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Soft Light

The combination of the transparent crystal glass shade and the soft light that changes subtly according to the dimming levelbrings an accent and high-quality gorgeousness on the spot.

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Waterproof Lighting

With a high level of waterproof structure, it can be usedoutdoorsand in thebathroom. The table lamp can be lit for up to500 hoursafter charging for 6 hours, which is easy to carry with you.

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Crystal glassanda newly developed LED light sourceprovide unprecedented transparency and high-quality lighting.With parts carved out of metal, beautifully constructed form.

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Create The Best Scene

More than a harmonious affinity in design, the metal crystal table lampcreates a sophisticated and elegant space. It’sa perfect decorative table lampto illuminate wherever.

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Wide Applications

Place it in theliving room,bedroom,party, orcarry it with youto the terrace, attic, reading nook or any place without electricity. And it also serves asa perfect giftfor friends and families.

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  • Variation: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum Black.
  • Materials: Stainless Steel Cage, Zinc Alloy (Chrome Plating), Crystal Glass, ABS, Silicon Rubber.
  • Size: Outer diameter φ89 mm, Height 165 mm.
  • Weight: approx. 1350g
  • Waterproof performance: IP66
  • Color temperature: 1900-2400K
  • Dimming: 4 stages.
  • Lighting time: LOW / 500 hours, MID / 120 hours, HIGH / 30 hours, EX-HIGH / 12 hours.
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6V / 5200mA.

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