ENERGXCEL Ionic Shaping Vest


”The key to achieving your ideal body shape!“ We are proud to introduce you to the all-new 2023 Men’s Ionic Ice Shaping Vest! It is your ultimate confidence booster. This ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest utilizes advanced compression technology to shape and define your muscles, aimed at enhancing male charm. It can regulate blood flow and vascular function, effectively treating the physiological and psychological causes of ED. It effectively helps you reduce overall body weight, decrease accumulation of chest fat tissue, and build perfect chest and abdominal muscles. This vest is soft and comfortable, keeping you cool and breathable while assisting you in achieving comprehensive body Shaping. Now, give it a try and embrace the tremendous transformation brought by this extraordinary vest!

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

ENERGXCEL™Ionic Shaping Vest enhances the intimacy with your partner!

Our vest, approved by the 𝙁𝘿𝘼 utilizes ion technology to effectively increase blood flow to the ⓟⓔⓝⓘⓢ . Ignite your desires anytime, anywhere! Just put on this vest every day and get ready to take action immediately!

What Makes ENERGXCEL Ionic Shaping Vest A Powerful Solution To Enhance Your Romantic Activity?

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

“It is a simple, easy and non-invasive method which has no adverse effects. It might prove to be suitable for application in people with ED.”

Prof. Felix Jespersen, MD, MS, FECSM.

Fellowship-trained urologist specializing in Male Infertility and Men’s Health. (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)

How it works?

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

In ion therapy, negative ions or positive ions are commonly used to generate therapeutic effects. Negative ions carry extra electrons, while positive ions have lost electrons. These ions can enter the body through inhalation, skin contact, or other forms of administration.
Once the ions enter the body, they interact with cells, tissues, and fluids. They bind to receptors on the cell membrane, triggering intracellular signaling processes. These signaling processes can impact cell function, metabolism, and repair processes.

In the treatment of ED, ion therapy can regulate blood flow and vascular function, helping to relax muscles and arteries in the ⓟⓔⓝⓘⓢ, increasing blood circulation, and helping men regain their charm and confidence.

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

Here is George’s submitted photos of his muscle and weight loss journey with the help of the ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

How does the ENERGXCEL™Ionic Shaping Vest work?

The ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest combines far-infrared and ion technology to provide multidimensional massage and stimulation, improving blood and lymphatic circulation. Additionally, the infrared rays and negative ions generated by the electrical stone on the ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest gently stimulate and soothe the body, helping users restore a healthy physique.

Far Infrared Therapy

The energy wavelength of far-infrared rays can penetrate the skin and tissue layers, stimulating the body’s natural physiological processes. It promotes blood and lymph circulation, accelerating the body’s metabolism and waste elimination.

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

This is a photo submitted by Alex, who found relief from Gynecomastia inflammation with the help of the ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest.

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest is truly miraculous!As a man with Gynecomastia I have always felt frustrated and embarrassed about my appearance. I’ve tried numerous methods, but nothing seemed to work. That is until I started wearing this vest, and the results were astonishing! My breasts have become firm and lifted, and I now feel incredibly confident! This vest is not only comfortable to wear, but it also utilizes ion technology to stimulate breast tissue, improve blood circulation, and enhance lymphatic drainage. After using it for some time, I have truly noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my breasts. I can now proudly show off my body in public and feel like a new man! Thank you, ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest, for helping me regain my confidence as a man! I highly recommend it to all men dealing with sagging breasts!

What is Gynecomastia? 

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue in males. It occurs when there is an imbalance of hormones in the body, specifically an increase in estrogen levels or a decrease in testosterone levels. This can happen at any age, but it is most common during puberty and later in life.

While gynecomastia is not typically a serious medical condition, it can cause emotional distress and self-consciousness for some males. The use of compression of the ENERGXCEL™Ionic Shaping Vest to reduce the appearance of breast tissue.

Classification of Gynecomastia

The combination of far infrared rays and medical grade fabric coated with nano-grade materials provides compression and heats the fatty tissue under the skin to promote a more effective reduction in gynecomastia while preventing future accumulation of fat cells in the chest area. Promotes heart rate and activity even when you are not exercising.

According to the Harvard Medical Research Institute, infrared therapy not only improves blood circulation, enhances cellular metabolism and boosts collagen production, but also helps the body burn calories, which is essential for fat burning and weight loss.

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

Tourmaline is a natural mineral with negative ions and far-infrared radiation and is widely used in the health sector. The negative ions emitted by tourmaline can boost metabolism and blood circulation, relieving fatigue and tension. The negative ions also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to reduce muscle pain and promote tissue repair. The tight fit of the men’s shaping vest provides compression and support to improve circulation and metabolism, as well as improving body posture and shaping.

 So our ENERGXCEL™Ionic Shaping Vest can help you with your weight loss programme, even if you don’t exercise regularly and eat a healthy and balanced diet, with 80% reflexology to get you to your desired weight. Through infrared light and ion therapy, this shaping vest helps to increase the metabolic rate, eliminate toxins from the body and get rid of body fat and water retention.

What makes ENERGXCEL™Ionic Shaping Vest the best choice for you?

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

Ignite remarkable muscle sculpting results
Master the power of total body compression
Thoughtfully designed for unparalleled comfort, durability and breathability.
Embrace a non-surgical, pain-free solution to sculpting muscles
Reduce swelling and achieve a leaner, more muscular physique
Tighten and tighten your skin for a defined, sculpted look
Turn excess body fat into toned muscles
Effortlessly exude a powerful muscular appearance in any setting
supports optimal prostate healt

Ultimate Chest Compression Design

This ENERGXCEL™ Ion Shaping Vest is made from a flexible and breathable fabric that is both breathable and easy to wear. By wearing it consistently, you can maintain a better shape as it features a compression layer that helps tighten and strengthen chest muscles. Designed to retain body heat and promote sweating in the chest area. This helps to break down fat cells and reduce the size of breast tissue, resulting in a more manly chest appearance. Its fabric is magnetically treated to provide the user with a multi-directional chest compression and acupressure massage.

Seamless Compress Vest Fit.

ENERGXCEL™ Ionic Shaping Vest

Fit easily and seamlessly into your favorite t-shirts, sweatshirts, and work suits. For guys, our original chest compression shaping vest are made to be worn discreetly beneath any style of shirt. The ENERGXCEL lonic Shaping Vest, which is composed of ultra-slim spandex, will boost body tone and lessen the appearance of noticeable chest fat.


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