Golden Lure Pheromone Men Perfume


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Finding the right scent for men is a little complicated. You would want something strong but not overpowering; thus, the Golden Lure Pheromone Men Perfume is the perfect option.

This is made with unique ingredients that will help a man attract more women to him. This perfume has the most potent pheromones that attract women and help in relationships. Hence, this is a unique and effective perfume.

Benefits of Golden Lure Pheromone Men Perfume:

  • Attractive Scent: Since this Golden Lure Pheromone Men Perfume has pheromones, there are a lot of chances men wearing this perfume will attract women more quickly.
  • Unique Formula: This Pheromone Men Perfume is made with new technology that allows the manufacturers to mix pheromones, enhancing the strength of the scents and elevating the attractiveness level.
  • Strong and Long-Lasting: Another impressive feature of this perfume is that it is powerful but in the right way. It does not hurt the head or is overpowering. Furthermore, the lasting power of this perfume is unique and perfect for people who want something to stay the entire day.


  • Contains Natural Pheromone
  • It makes a man confident and stronger
  • Masculine, Bergamot Myrtle, Coffee, Chocolate, and Leather Cedar are present
  • 1.69 Oz (50ml) of bottle size


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Golden Lure Pheromone Men Perfume

Availability: In stock