Audible Learning Toy for Childrens



“The Earlytalk™ is a fun educational toy that helps children learn new words. 

Just insert a card and listen as the device repeats the word. 

This interactive device uses sensory feedback to improve learning and retention. 

Give your child the gift of knowledge and entertainment with the Earlytalk™.”

“Help your child reach their full potential.”

“Improve your child’s language skills with the Earlytalk toy.

 Over 200 cards on various topics, like animals,fruits and food, help build vocabulary and communication skills. 

Plus, it’s super fun to play with!”

“Encourages growth and advanced learning.”

“The Earlytalk toy promotes development and advanced learning through interactive play.

 It helps children build connections in their minds, improve pronunciation and vocabulary, and boost cognitive abilities.

 A few hours a week with the Earlytalk can provide endless learning and fun for your child.”

“Minimizes the risk of speech disorders.”

“The Earlytalk toy is fun for children and helps prevent speech disorders like stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria through proper communication and pronunciation practice.”

It is designed to provide endless learning opportunities for your child, helping them achieve success and reach their full potential.”

“Simple and fun for kids to play with.”

1. Insert the card into the device.

2. The device repeats the word and sound for children to hear.

3.Pressing the repeat button allows children to hear the pronunciation and sound effect again.

This fun and educational toy is guaranteed to captivate your child and keep them engaged all day long.”



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Audible Learning Toy for Childrens