Cockroach Repellers Magic Dust Chalk For Cockroachs Ants


Features: 1.This product is suitable for nighttime use, and then repeatedly spread the painting on the passage of pests and activities, and increase the powder. The more powder, the better the effect. 2.Applicable to family houses, factory warehouses, office buildings, offices, etc. It is easy to breed various gaps, corners, nests and nearby areas of cockroaches, ants and fleas. 3.This product is dust-free chalk, healthier and more environmentally friendly. 4.On the passage of the pests and activities of the kitchen, cabinet feet, etc., 4-5 circles can be painted. In places such as offices and office buildings where pests are often found, you can draw a 2-3 encirclement. 5.Keep this product in a cool place to maintain the effect. Keep away from tableware and food when using this product. Occasion: Home, Office


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Cockroach Repellers Magic Dust Chalk For Cockroachs Ants
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