F70HC Boltless High-Cut NIJ Level IIIA Fast Ballistic Helmets


Product Description

The F70 High-Cut ballistic helmet features ≥ 2755 ft/sec (840 m/sec) 17-grain FSP V50 at a significant weight reduction (Areal Density of 7.8 kg/m2). Its advanced design also includes a completely no-thru bolt design, providing the greatest protection across the entire shell. The F70 helmets come standard with NVG mount, rails, bungees, exterior loop set, and Safe Stealth suspension. You have your choice of the dial or X-back retention. The shape and weight provide comfort and stability with helmet-mounted accessories, while the cut-out ear section provides ease of use for comms/ear pro.

Available in Black, Army Green, Soil/Dark Earth

For additional protection, we offer an optional visor that is ergonomically designed to attach seamlessly to the F70HC helmets.  


  • NIJ Threat Level NIJ 0106.01 with NIJ 0.108.01 Level IIIA Threats: 
    • (9mm FMJ/44 mag @ 1400-1450 ft/sec)
  • Fragmentation Testing: 
    • Tested in accordance with NATO STANAG 2920
    • 17 gr .22 caliber FSP V50 ≥ 2755 ft/sec (840 m/sec)
    • Meets and exceeds all ACH Fragmentation requirements when tested to MIL-STD-662F
  • Blunt Impact Testing:
    • Meets ACH Blunt Impact requirements
  • Suspension Systems:

    • Safe Stealth Pad System (7 or 9 Pads)
    • Safe Nimbus Pad System (7 or 9 Pads)
    • Epic Air Pad System
    • ZAP Pad System
  • Retention Systems:
    • Dial Retention System


All Helmerbro helmets are tested to NIJ standards. And because we take your protection seriously, we do our own testing too. Every helmet from every batch is hand inspected for quality, and a random helmet is selected for field testing. If we wouldn’t trust it, we won’t sell it.


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F70HC Boltless High-Cut NIJ Level IIIA Fast Ballistic Helmets
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