Halloween Phantom Fingers


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Knight Articulated Finger – LuiBat

Evoke Terror Like Never Before

Unleash a new level of bone-chilling horror this Halloween with our latest creation: Phantom Fingers. Transform your ordinary hands into terrifying spectacles of the underworld. Whether you’re the undead rising from the grave or an evil spirit haunting the living, with Phantom Fingers you’ll be sure to strike fear in all who cross your path.

Where Nightmares Become Reality

Meticulously crafted with unmatched attention to detail, our Phantom Fingers are designed to transform your hands into the stuff of horror films. Watch as onlookers question their own eyes in fear as the boundary between nightmare and reality disappears.

Comfort Meets Fear

Our Phantom Fingers aren’t just about looks; they’re designed for a snug and secure fit, ensuring your comfort as you send shivers down spines. Put them on with ease and get ready to terrify.


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Halloween Phantom Fingers
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