High-tech artificial intelligence robot


Move: Lawrence has 25 degrees of freedom and a humanoid shape that allows him to move and adapt to the world around him. His inertia allows him to keep his balance and to know whether he is standing up or lying down.

Feeling: The numerous sensors in the head, hands and feet as well as in the sonar enable him to perceive his surroundings and to orientate himself.

Listening and Speaking: With its 4 directional microphones and speakers, Lawrence interacts with people in a natural way by listening and speaking.

Seeing: Lawrence is equipped with two cameras that film his surroundings in high resolution and help him to recognize shapes and objects.

Connect: Lawrence can use different connection modes (WiFi, Ethernet) to access the Internet autonomously.

Thinking: We can’t really talk about “Artificial Intelligence” with Lawrence, but the robots are already able to reproduce human behavior.

Speech recognition and dialog available in 20 languages.
* English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish …

Package List:
1 * Lawrence Smart Robot
1 * 2.4GHz Remote Control
1 * Portable Charger


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High-tech artificial intelligence robot