Kamerine GreaseFlow


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No more grease leakage & mess

Precisely delivers lubricant to the joint, bearing using high pressure or where it’s needed, two-finger locking three hardened spring steel jaws & quality sealing gasket they will do the rest of the work for you.

  • holds tight & doesn’t pop off
  • clean hands


Upgrade your grease gun & lubricate hard-to-reach places

Designed to work with both pneumatic & electric grease guns, lubrication of inconvenient places without dismantling both hands free to operate the grease gun.

  • easy to lock & unlock

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Save time, money, grease & increase equipment lifespan

Dismantling heavy equipment takes significantly more time than using our Kamerine GreaseFlow. Save money and the grease that often ends up on the floor or the machine.

A well-lubricated machine is always ready for work. Regular lubrication ensures reliability, reduces the risk of damage, and increases equipment lifespan.


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Kamerine GreaseFlow

Availability: In stock