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MagneticIceField Therapy is the safest, most effective way to detoxify, recharge, and revitalize every cell in your body. This unique therapy delivers ionized particles that work on a cellular level to neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce inflammation & swelling, and rebuild damaged tissue. In addition to helping promote weight loss, it relieves pain in the hips and back and promotes more restful sleep by reducing stress on joints.
What Is Energy Field Therapy & How It Helps Losing Weight?
Energy Field Therapy uses items with tourmaline material to create an energy field serving as an energy source which could deliver energy to all parts of the body through the bloodstream. By returning tissue to a normal, healthy state, the magnetic field governs energy recovery, relieves inflammation, swelling, acidosis and accelerates healing. Based on the body’s inherent healing mechanism, fat cells, inflammation and body toxins will be targeted by the energy and then removed from the body.
Weight gain is a result of various imbalances in the body. Those who advocate the use of energy field therapy in weight loss believe that energy fields could bring energy factors to the body and promote the flow of energy (chi) in the body. During that process, excess fat in our body will be burnt more quickly and human body’s metabolism and endocrine function will also be strengthened.
Energy Field helps stimulate an increase in metabolism and control calorie intake, thus allowing people to have a better weight management. It can stimulate acting on the local area of human body, increasing the number of calories burned in the cells that helps to reduce inflammation pain and so increasing overall energy.
What Is The Science Behind MAGNETICEFT Energy Field Therapy Men Pant?
The development team has attached “tourmaline”, a material with energy, to the elastic fiber which creates sensations of heat without other energy source like electricity.
The tourmaline provides users with multiple tourmaline points could form an energy field, which is able to generate 100,000-300,000 energy units per hour. It helps to effectively stimulate the body’s blood circulation, eliminate inflammatory cells and toxins, reduce fluid buildup and weight loss.
There are about 400 premium tourmaline coating points. The tourmaline apply dots with the magnets can stimulate the meridians, increase blood and rejuvenate key parts with youthful vitality. It releases anion, keep men health and cell activation. Helps wake up the long-sleeping passion.
Energy Field Therapy Men Pant Be The GREAT CHOICE?
✔ Detoxes your whole body
✔ Breaks down fat cells
✔ Reduces inflammation
✔ Speeds up metabolism and restores the health of the endocrine system
✔ Offers an easier way to lose weight (just wear regular underwear)
✔ Multiple benefits – Energy Field Therapy can be used for a range of conditions such as obesity, fatigue, anxiety, fluid retention and weight loss.


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MAGNETICEFT Energy Field Therapy Men Pants