Magsafe Metal Case


Magsafe Metal Case Looking for a metal case that’s compatible with your iPhone?

Look no further than the Magsafe Metal Case! This case uses the powerful “N52” magnet, which is stronger than the “N48” magnet found on other cases on the market. The built-in magnetic technology allows for 36 “N52” magnets to be fixed in independent grooves, ensuring that they won’t loosen or fall off over time. Magsafe Metal Case


The four corners use shock-resistant airbags, which can absorb and disperse 99.99% of the impact of falling. The frame is designed slightly higher than the camera and screen, whether there are bumps or scratches, it can overcome almost anything and provide excellent protection. Magsafe Metal Case

What makes our shell so special

✔️ DUST FREE LOUDSPEAKERS: The MagSafing Metal Case keeps any dust away from your speakers so they keep their clean sound. ✔️ UNIQUE DESIGN: The special design allows you to enhance the original look of your phone and express your own stylish personality. ✔️ PROTECTION: Raised bezels provide protection for the screen and camera. Full protection from scratches, daily wear and tear and drops. ✔️ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of ultra-light and durable materials that are very comfortable and elegant in the hand. ✔️ MAGSAFE FUNCTION: The MagSafing Case supports charging with MagSafe. Magsafe Metal Case

Special design

Our Magsafe Metal Case makes your iPhone something unique. It becomes an eye-catcher and in addition it gets the best possible protection.


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Magsafe Metal Case