Mini Cam 📸✨


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Make your life a retro film movie 📸

Take a picture… it’ll last longer 📸💖
It’s almost summer again! That means parties, festivals, beach trips and holidays.This mini digital camera is perfect to replace all your disposables that you have to purchase over and over! Oh, and Mini Cam takes videos too! 
✔️ Free memory card
✔️ Transfer to phone instantly with included USB cable
✔️ Takes photos and videos, has a selfie mode & filters
✔️ Small enough to fit in your pocket

    Mini Cam captures grainy, vintage film-like pictures & videos making your memories a reel of vintage film. It includes a camera mode, mini games, filters and a removable time stamp option. Unlike disposable counterparts, these cameras are reusable and will not end up in land fill. 

    ⏳ How fast can I get the photos?

    The photos/videos can be seen instantly and transferred to your phone in seconds using a USB cable and a laptop! 💻📱

    🙅 No more spending money over and over on disposables 👇

    Once fully charged, it can be used continuously for up to 2.5 hours! No more spending over and over on disposable cameras that are bad for the environment. 

    The best part? Our cameras won’t end up in landfills like their single-use counterparts.

    Made from high-quality eco-friendly materials, they are made to withstand those inevitable drops on the beach, skate parks, or even concrete.


    • 1 * Romaee™ – Mini Cam
    • 1 * USB wire
    • 1 * Memory card
    • 1 * Card reader
    • 1 * User manual


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