Unisex Diabetic Extra Wide Sandals With Swollen Feet


Elderly shoes / adjustable diabetic sandals plus size fit arthritis swollen feet!

Type: Women’s / Men’s Sandals

Heel Height: Flat Heel

Color: black, khaki


  • It is Made of Breathable Mesh Material, Which is Very Suitable for Swollen Feet, Comfortable and Breathable Non-slip Rubber Sole.

  • Has a Velcro on the Instep Closed Adjustable for a More Comfortable Fit.

  • It is Adjustable Closure, Easy to Wear Shoes.

  • Fingers Front Opening, Suitable for Swollen Foot, Avoid Pressing the Fingers, Free and Comfortable Space for the Fingers, Improve Wearing and Walking Comfort.

  • Easy to Open and Close: Adjustable Hook and Loop Closure Closures and Open Toe on the Top and Rear Heel for Easy Access to the Shoe, Fully Adapted to the Width of the Foot.

  • Slip Resistance: The Sole is Suitable for Walking. Gripping the Rubber Sole Provides Security in Any Situation. Unique Exclusive Design Provides Maximum Traction on Almost Any Surface.

  • Target Users and Activities: Adjustable Slippers Make It Easy to Get in and out of Shoes. Suitable for Feet with Plantar Fasciitis, Injury, Edema and Pain.

  • Shoe Width: Adjustable Design: Suitable for Swollen Feet, Big Toe Edema or Wide Feet, Easy to Put on and Take Off, Comfortable Hook and Loop Belt, Can Be Customized to Fit, Close to the Foot: Relieve Pressure on the Patient’s Foot and Relax the Steps.

Size Guide

1. Please select a suitable size base on your foot length;
2. Once you know your foot length, consult the Size Chart to determine which size you should purchase. Some tags’ UK/US size number may be different from our size chart’s UK/US size number, please take our size chart as the standard reference.


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Unisex Diabetic Extra Wide Sandals With Swollen Feet
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