Cooling MagSafe Case | iPhone


The latest breathing MagSafe case. Does your phone always get hot? Then this MagSafe case is for you. Made with premium, high-quality aluminum metal. The MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Pro Max has cooling holes on the back, so it doesn’t get hot. Get yours today. 

Breathable MagSafe Case

Keep your iPhone cool

Keep your iPhone cold

The cooling holes on the back makes sure your iPhone stays cool.

Leather MagSafe Case For iPhone
Leather MagSafe Case For iPhone

It’s in the details

Metal frame, cooling holes and a metal lens cover. 

Leather MagSafe Case For iPhone Blue Details

Protection Perfected

Reinforced protection that can absorb impacts from all your accidental phone drops. 

Leather MagSafe Case For iPhone All Sizes

Made for luxury-lovers

The ultimate MagSafe case for your iPhone. 

Sleek Design

The only MagSafe case you’ll need.

Leather MagSafe Case For iPhone


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Cooling MagSafe Case | iPhone