Decision Maker Pendulum – Fun and Unique


Unsure of what to do? – just ask the Decision Maker.
The pendulim will swing and stop and the “right” answer. Possible answers on this model are: Yes, No, Always, No Way, and Maybe. The text is deeply and crisply lasered into the wood.
Great fun and a beautiful and unique item.

We embedded 5 magnets into the hardwood base and there is a magnet embedded in the pendulum. The magnets cannot be seen on the base, only wood surfaces are visible. The bottom is felt lined.

If you feel the need for something different, that relaxes the eyes, trains the mind and offers you enjoyment and quality time, is the right moment to get on your hands our games.

决策者的乐趣和独特的形象 1

You probably know the magic feeling of victory or satisfaction when you solve a puzzle or play a board game with your friends.

Decision maker pendulum Wooden question answer puzzle Fun image 1

A great treat for yourself or a gift for your beloved ones!
Do you need help to take decisions?! Let this swinging magnetic pendulum decision maker answer your questions!

决策者的乐趣和独特的形象 4
Comes nicely packaged; you will need to assemble one screw (included) to attach the arm


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Decision Maker Pendulum – Fun and Unique
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