Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover


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Effectively Remove Scratch from Golf Club with Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover!


Absolutely clean and shiny on the exterior surface with the use of Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover!


No streaking, smearing and scratching

Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover a premium formula abrasive golf coating is a gentle and effective golf club polish that will get a clean, shiny surface without hurting your golf club paint.


Excellent products

This product will ensure a quick coat as a sealer to give your golf club a clean and clear shield of protection while providing a shiny and beautiful surface outlook. Alternatively, it can removes scratches, small marks, and scuffs from the golf club surface.

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Safe and easy to apply

Suitable for all types of golf club materials – titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. With the application of the product, it will gently remove the scratches from the surface without any complex steps.


Easy to use Simply apply a small amount of Iron Polishing Solution to a microfiber towel and buff club to restore and reveal pristine finish.

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The Best Choice To Remove Scratches!

An essential addition to every golf bag.



Material: Abrasive

Package includes:

  • Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover
  • Sponge


1. Due to manual measurement, the size may have an error of 1~3 cm (0.5~1 inch).

2. Due to different computer monitors, the color may be slightly different.


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Instant Golf Club Scratch Remover

Availability: In stock