Kinetix Compression Shoulder Brace


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  • Recommended By Physical Therapists: Proven to hold the shoulder in place while working out.
  • Immediate Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Support: Feel your shoulder stabilize as soon as you wear it.
  • Perfect For: Sprains, arthritis, sore arm, torn rotator cuffs, shoulder strains, dislocated AC joint, bursitis, labrum tears, tendonitis and impingement syndrome.
  • Key Benefits: Maintaining normal range of movements, preventing re-injury of healing shoulder muscles, aiding fast recovery after shoulder surgery.

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Why use our shoulder brace?

– Constructed with quality neoprene, it’s light, breathable, and comfy while maintaining flexibility whether hot or cold.
– The brace also includes compartmental space for cold or hot packs to boost relief
– There’s no need to buy two shoulder braces – our Kinetix Left/Right Shoulder Brace has got you covered.

Instructions for Wearing Your Kinetix Compression Shoulder Brace

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Place the detachable band on the side of the brace that goes on your back.

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Connect the strap to the buckle, put the brace on your left or right shoulder.

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Pull the long strap under the other arm and pull out. Make sure that it is in a comfortable and desirable position.

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Readjust bicep straps and a pressure pad to a tight, comfortable fit.


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Kinetix Compression Shoulder Brace

Availability: In stock