Knee Massager Machine for knee Pain Relief and Recovery


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Upgraded Knee Massager Machine for Pain Relief and Recovery


1.The massager has fully enveloping airbags (inner side and straps) to squeeze, cyclically inflate and deflate, allowing knees to enjoy air pressure relaxing massage;
2.There are built-in red light physiotherapy lamp beads, specific wavelength far red inner and outer bands penetrate into the knee, to relieve knee fatigue and discomfort;
3.Through vibration, the device can repair and massage the muscles of the knee area to relieve the pressure and let it fully relax;
Three heating modes: low range: 40℃±3℃ (relieving knee tingling), medium range: 42℃±3℃ (releasing knee tingling), high grade: 45 ℃±3℃(Relieve walking pain).
4.Intelligent timing design: 10 minutes automatic turn off.
5.One-key start, large screen display, wireless use, simple touch interface, can also be used by the elderly;
6.It is USB chargeable, with a built-in 3100mah lithium battery, it usually gets fully charged in three hours (related to the power of the charging plug), the normal use time is five to six hours (different depending on the use mode).


Material: ABS
Color: black+white
Size: 22.5*16*20cm
Rated power: 10W
Rated voltage: DC 5V
Timing set: 10 minutes
Heating temp: low 40℃±3℃, medium 42℃±3℃, high 45℃±3℃
Battery: 3100mAh

Packing List

1* host
1* TYPE-C Charging Cable
1* English User Manual


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Knee Massager Machine for knee Pain Relief and Recovery

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