Magnifying Glass Necklace gift


It’s no wonder though, these kinds of necklaces are very useful! It can help to read tiny labels or menus in the restaurant.


The magnifier has a tenfold magnification! Do not strain your eyes reading small print with this magnifying lens that provides exceptionally clear images without any distortion.

For shopping trips, You can put the magnifying necklace around your neck so you didn’t have to dig your glasses out to see the small price tags.

Can be used as a monocle eyepiece which is the perfect accent piece for a variety of looks, from the most sophisticated 19th Century upper-class gentleman to a butler. 

The loupe necklaces are especially dedicated to our dear mothers and grandmothers 

Also an amazing wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift!


All of my works are unique one-off pieces and completely handmade in my studio.
Handmade with love ♥.
Styled to old silver.


  • Material: glass
  • Chain Length: 31.5″
  • Pendant Size: 3.4*1.9″

Silver & Gold:

  • Material: glass
  • Pendant Size: 1.65″
  • Chain Length: 35.4″


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Magnifying Glass Necklace gift
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