Mini GPS Car Tracker with Voice Recording


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Mini GPS Car Tracker with Voice Recording


  • Strong Magnet This 4G GPS Tracker has the strongest magnet in our product range
  • Accurate GPS Information With GPS accuracy of a few inches, you’ll always be able to track your property
  • Instant Tamper Alerts Be instantly alerted if anyone tries to tamper the with 4G GPS Tracker
  • Operates on any Network The 4G GPS Tracker only works on all US networks, to give you reliable cellular connection
  • 3 Year Standby Battery on Power Saving Mode If the GPS tracker isn’t moving, it has 2 years of standby battery life
  • Durable Design This car GPS tracker is dust and water resistant


Get Timely, Accurate Tracking Information
You can get precise, real-time GPS data from this 4G GPS tracker. 


DIY Installation

This 4G GPS Tracker won’t be moving once it is mounted on a vehicle. This GPS tracker is simple to install yourself, saving you money on installation costs. Additionally, it has an adhesive pad so that you may firmly fasten it to non-magnetic surfaces.


Use your phone to manage everything.

The tracking app is included with the 4G GPS tracker for FREE for life. You may configure alerts, geo-fences, and other notifications inside the app. Receive alerts if the vehicle you are following departs from the defined locations. Additionally, previous data is kept for up to three months, and you may view data in real-time.



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Mini GPS Car Tracker with Voice Recording

Availability: In stock