Toy Clean-up and Storage Container


🧐Are you still worried about the scattered blocks and toys? 
This toy bag makes your house clean and tidy.🎉
😉The stylish toy storage basket is a perfect addition to living rooms, kid’s rooms, playrooms and more! A toy storage solution that actually looks great in your house!
  • Smart playmat design – Simply pull the handles and slide the toys back in the basket when finished playing. The playmat easily fits on top of the toys in the basket so it can all be stored away for further play.

  • Clean up in seconds – When the kiddos are done playing, you simply use the handles on the sides of the mat to lift and create a toy slide and watch the toys easily and quickly for cleanup in seconds. 

  • Easy to move – The basket has sturdy rope handles so you can easily move it to whatever storage or play location you like best.
  • Toy storage – When the toys are not in use, they can be stored in this stylish storage basket.  This high quality, sturdy storage basket is perfect for storing toys such as LEGOs, magnatiles, hot wheels cars, barble dolls and more! 

  • House decor – It’s sure to fit in with any living room, kids room, or playroom decor – it actually looks like a basket you want to display! Sturdy, stylish fabric and rope handles make it a modern addition to any living space. It comes in two color options: yellow and blue.


  • Colour: yellow, blue
  • Size: basket – 1.5m diameter playmat, bag – 0.5m diameter playmat


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Toy Clean-up and Storage Container
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